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In Out
(France) LP 1988
Apocalyptic vision (Germany) CD 1993
Infrastition (France) CD 2004

Défini, Blume, Artistic Slaughter,
Auld Lang Syne, The Last Encounter,
Valse, Petite Fable, Tzarin

These 8 titles were composed for a performance within the context
of the first Festival des Musiques Mutantes at the T.L.P. Déjazet
in Paris on the 25th of October 1986. They were played at Radio
France for the programme “Clair de Nuit” on France Culture on
the 29th of March 1987. Then they were recorded at Studio du
Quai de la Loire on two tracks stereo-digital on the 12th of May
1987 beteween 9 and 12 a.m. see more here
Smurf in the Gulag
Cathexis Recordings (United Kingdom) 12" 1986

Smurf in The Gulag,
Le Cheminement du Pelerin,
La Ballade des gens Heureux

tracks. A Side recorded
by Alain Painchaud and Clair Obscur at Studio A in Rennes and mixed at F2 in London. B Side recorded live by Olivier Tirmarche at La Grange A Musique in Creil on 24 May 1986. Cover design by Philippe Touzard. see more here
The Pilgrim's Progress
All the Madmen (United Kingdom) LP 1985

Blume, Zeda, K.G., Toundra,
Slough of Despond, Czarin,
The Rope, Michel, Ethique

9 tracks recorded live at Théâtre du Forum des Halles in Paris in 1984
. Cover design by Philippe Touzard. see more here
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