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Apocalyptic Vision
(Germany) /
Prikosnovénie (France)
CD 1994

Downtown, Mercredi, We Went, Showtime,
Saint Joseph, La Bourse ou la Vie, Still,
Petit Créon, Son & Lumière, Multiple,
I Need, La Terre, Raison qui Déraisonne, Venceremos

14 tracks recorded by Pierre Jacquot and mixed by Bruno Dupont and Pierre Jacquot at Studio Harry Son, Pantin. Cover design by Bernard Nicolino. A Edouard Sicsic / Apocalyptic vision coproduction. The recording of Rock started in June 1990 but was halted due to financial problems. As a consequence the mixing could only be finished in December 1993. see more here
Sans titre, 1992
V.i.S.A. (France) CD 1992
Apocalyptic vision (Germany) CD 1997

Amore (la solution), Flowers, Tiresias, Stop,
Drive me to the Beach, Bientôt,Ich Weiss,
Merci, O Soleil, Without the Walls, Le Garde,
Little tune (all that Rock'n Roll is about),
En avant la musique, Le bal, Cohabitant,
Scotch, Amore II (l'esquisse)

tracks recorded and mixed by Bruno Dupont at Studio du Bras d'Or in Boulogne-sur-Mer, in February-March 1992. Cover design by Clair Obscur. see more here

Cathexis Recordings (UK) LP 1988
Orphanage (USA) cassette
Apocalyptic Vision (Germany) /
V.i.S.A. (France) CD 1994
Infrastition (France) CD 2004

Sequence, The Last Encounter, Blume,
K.G., Pessimiste Combattif, Revol Dub,
Vivant, Hibernation, Kriegs Opera,
The Pilgrim's Progress, Zeda,
Die Kinder Sind allein, Tremendous

1-9 : "La Cassette Noire" recorded at home in 1982 (
except K.G. and Revol Dub recorded and mixed by Philippe David at Studio Séquence in Paris).
10-13 : "Dansez" recorded and mixed
by Pat Bouchard and Clair Obscur at SDH Studio in Rouen in 1984.
The vinyl edition of "Play." offered a choice of 4 different covers. Cover design by Robet H. King. Paintings by Benoît Girodon. see more here
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