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co2 Nulle Aide
Trinity Records (Germany) CD 1999

Je rêve, Concernant, Danse d'ici,
Nulle Aide,
Allons, Black, Sur Le Pont,
Qui va là, Terminus, Chic Cher, Sad Song

13 tracks composed under the name CO2.
Recorded and mixed by Bruno Dupont at Studio du Bras d'Or in Boulogne sur Mer, between December 1997 and March 1998. Cover design by Clair Obscur.
antigone Antigone
Apocalyptic Vision (Germany) CD 1996

Prologue, Procession, O Soleil, Polynice,
Le garde, Merveille, Le frein, Hémon I,
Hémon II, Désir, Tombeau nuptial, Tirésias,
La prophétie, Le messager, Petit Créon,
Raison qui déraisonne, Venceremos //

Amoureuse, Aphrodite, Les rites,
Le Minotaure, Taureau, Elégie, Zoophile,
La guerre, Cérémonie, Phèdre //

Le Laminoir, Ville, Irlande

composed for a drama production of Sophocles' Antigone by the Compagnie Tour de Babel at Théâtre du Bel-Air in Paris. 10 tracks composed for "Les Aventures Mythologiques de Dédale", a radio serial written by Denis Boissier, directed by Jean Couturier, broadcast on France Culture in 1994. Plus 3 original tracks. Recorded and mixed by Bruno Dupont at Studio du Bras d'Or in Boulogne sur Mer, except Hémon II recorded live by Jean Couturier at Hans Müller's. Cover design by Philippe Carrez and Christophe Demarthe. Photos by Arnaud Delbeke. See more here.
collec A collection of isolated tracks
Apocalyptic Vision (Germany) CD 1995

Froh (1982), Psychiatric (1982), Santa Maria (1983), Toundra (1983), Die Kinder Sind Allein (1983), The Pilgrim's Progress (1983), Wreck (1983), Ubu (1984), Petite Fable (1984),
The Rope (1984), Smurf in the Gulag (1985),
Till the Morning Light (1986), Can't Wait No
More (1986), Sweet People Like You (1986), Blume Out (1988)

This album collects 15 tracks from the period 1982-1988 which cannot be found today. Some of these tracks appeared on singles or on compilations. Other were never released before. In some cases the sound quality is rather poor, but these tracks were chosen to give a more complete survey of that period.
The booklet includes photos and texts about the shows that Clair Obscur gave during that period. See more here.
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